Documents to check when you buy a resale property

Are you considering buying a resale property? Ensuring a smooth and legal transaction involves thorough due diligence of the documents. Here’s a comprehensive guide to the crucial documents you should examine before making this significant investment:

1. Title Search Report:
A search report examines a property’s history, including who was the initial owner and how the property changed hands over time before reaching the current seller. A search report is essential in the home loan application process. The property search report also mentions details of any charges or encumbrances placed on the property, as well as their current status.

2. NOC from Bank:
In case, the Seller had a home loan, please ensure they provide you with a No Dues Certificate from their bank. This ensures that there are no outstanding loan amounts related to the flat.

3. Completion/Occupancy Certificate:
Verify that the property adheres to approved plans and legal guidelines by obtaining both the Completion and Occupancy Certificates from the Seller.

4. Utility Bills:
Review latest utility bills such as water, electricity, and gas to confirm there are no outstanding dues. Ensure that bills provided by the seller are in the owner’s name.

5. Latest Tax Paid Receipts:
Examine the latest tax receipts to confirm there are no outstanding dues and that the previous owner has consistently paid property taxes.

6. Society No Objection Certificate (NOC)
For properties in a Co-operative Housing Society, acquire NOCs from the society. The purpose is to ensure that the Seller has no outstanding dues to the Society.

7. Sale / Purchase Deed:
This crucial document acts as proof of ownership of the Seller. It must be registered in the Registrar’s Office and a stamp duty paid receipt must be attached to the Agreement.

8. Possession Certificate:
For resale flats, obtain the Possession Certificate from the Seller, confirming receipt of full payment from Buyer and handover of possession of property along with original documents to the Buyer.

9. Share Certificate:
After completion of the sale process, submit the original share certificate to the society, facilitating the update of the Share Certificate with your name.

10. Title Certificate: After drafting the search report and subsequently issues a title certificate subsequent to conducting a visit to the registrar’s office and examining the property documents.

By diligently examining these documents, you can ensure a secure and transparent transaction when buying a resale property. Don’t overlook the importance of legal verifications to safeguard your investment.

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